Our philosophy here at Evolve FSN is to use an integrated approach that incorporates nutrition, training, and emotional wellbeing into your lifestyle to see you strive towards your personal goals. Nutrition can be overcomplicated at times where it should focus on the basics, regardless of whether the client is a recreational, elite, or non-athlete.  We use evidence-based research to educate and empower individuals with the truth about nutrition and its impact on the body.


A one to one meeting or online call with a sports nutritionist where you can establish your needs and work with a professional to develop individualised plans and achievable goals. Suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities.

Understanding the effect that nutrition has on physical and mental performance is of great importance. At Evolve, supporting people in a non-restrictive way to boost performance with scientific-based evidence, our practice offers an effective way of enabling you to reach your goals with ease setting you up for long term success.

Often people are sold on quick fixes and are confused why they can’t maintain such changes. We can help you make consistent changes to your nutrition and lifestyle so that, over time, you are achieving your goals and maintaining them into the future.

 Evolve Nutrition package includes: 

  • 50 minute 1 to 1 consultation
  • Dietary and lifestyle analysis using advanced Nutritics software
  • Personalised report with tailor made suggestions for the individuals’ requirements
  •  Weekly 15-minute check ups
  • Free access to the Nutritics premium app 


The primary focus for athletes working with Evolve, from amateur to elite levels, is to promote training adaptions, enhance recovery and achieve optimal performance on competition day. Creating a periodised nutrition strategy based on the latest scientific research, tailored to your specific goals is one of our key aims.

Enjoying food and discovering the process of supplying your body with the nutrients it needs can be stress free and possible without restricting your food choices unnecessarily.

Here at Evolve we focus on supporting your journey in discovering the power of nutrition. You may understand what you should be eating but this can be difficult to make a reality due to lifestyle commitments and training schedules consuming a big chunk of your time. We make a plan to build on your current nutritional status, catering for your training schedule and lifestyle demands to achieve your specific goals.

Evolve Performance Nutrition package includes:

  • 50 min 1 to 1 video consultation to establish goals using performance, body composition and health markers to give achievable targets to strive for.
  • Dietary, training and lifestyle analysis using Nutritics software to identify areas that need improvement
  • Personalised report with primary focus on individual requirements
  • Supplement advice
  • Body composition analysis
  • Hydration strategy
  • Personal meal plan for key training days
  • Weekly check ins
EvolveFSN Performance Nutrition


A perfect option for junior athletes to develop their performance in a way that is suitable and optimal for growing athletes. This is offered as a one to one individualised service.

  • Importance of children’s nutrition – metabolic requirements for growth and development
  • Young athletes may experience nutrient deficiencies if nutritional needs are not met
  • Education around foods is key for children so they can make the right decisions for their sport and grow up with the knowledge that their body requires specific nutrients to thrive in the long term.
  • Food first approach with young athletes is key for this population, therefore we can support athletes undertraining around supplements and why they are not necessary as a junior athlete.


Nutritional talks and workshops are available for all abilities and ages including schools, social groups, and sports clubs. These can be tailormade depending on each groups’ requirements.

Our approach revolves around educating participants on the effect nutrition may have in various situations.Strategies can be applied to any challenges one might face when trying to increase diet quality, performance or general health and well-being while taking into account each of the individual’s collective environment and experiences.

Topics that are covered can be shaped to form a precise approach to maximise the benefit of the nutrition presentation or workshop.

Topics that are commonly covered:

  • Nutrition for injury and recovery
  • Structure of pre, during and post training nutrition
  • Nutritional strategies for competition
  • Periodisation of nutrition for short term and long-term results
  • Practical application to specific populations
  • Nutritional strategies for athletes travelling and in training camps 
  • Nutrient dense meal options and snack ideas 
EvolveFSN Nutritional talks 2
EvolveFSN Team analysis


Support from a professional to analyse and improve performance as a collective team. Suitable for clubs and teams of all sports and abilities.

Each member of a team wants to improve their performance. An effective way of achieving this can be by understanding the unique link between physical training and nutrition. If one individual has their nutrition optimised, not only will that player benefit but so will the whole team, if the whole team is receiving nutritional support, then the odds for success is even greater.

With a better understanding of nutrition fundamentals, coaches and support staff can optimise their athletes’ performance, enhancing training adaptions and the recovery process.

Evolve uses an integrated approach to increase performance of not only the individuals but also the overall team. With a team or individual based sports groups, we assist to improve overall performance and incorporate this for specific seasonal events (competition days, tournaments, cup matches etc). The structure of an environment will affect individual ability to perform so we facilitate strategies that can better support the team or training groups philosophy to reach higher levels of success.

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