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Hi, I’m Louis and I’m the founder of Evolve Fitness and Sports Nutrition. I am an experienced sports nutritionist and work with both athletes and non-athletes of all ages.  I have myself been a successful athlete, becoming a county, regional and national champion and competing internationally, at track & field. I enjoy working with people to develop individualised, evidence-based nutritional programmes… READ MORE


Evolve Fitness & Sports Nutrition are happy to announce our new partner Harlequins Amateurs . The Harlequins are a fantastic team who we will be working with closely to provide them with fitness and nutrition advice as well as a discounted opportunity to work 1-2-1 for their own personal targets. 

As lockdown draws to an end we are very excited to get the ball rolling with Harlequins Amateurs and start seeing the results on the field.



Harry Stark

Working with Evolve has been something else! Louis’ knowledge and approachability have made my nutrition journey easy, providing me with the support and education I needed to improve my health and sporting performance. 

EvolveFSN Sam Wills Testimonials-min

Sam Wills

Eye opener – I have been looking to improve my movements in the gym as well as keeping an eye on what I’m putting into my body for a while now and never really knew where to start. Louis has provided me with a clear insight and understanding into all these aspects whether it be replacements of foods in my diet, what I should and shouldn’t be avoiding or isolated exercises that maximise my performance within the gym.

EvolveFsn Mattdagwell

Matt Dagwell

As both a tennis player and coach, I always want to try and be in good shape to endure the stress and strains the sport puts on my body. I thought that simple strength and conditioning was enough to keep my body ready for these challenges, but I had no idea how important the nutritional aspect of my training was until I started working with Evolve.

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